Parker Satrom Law, P.A. – The law firm during the COVID-19 crisis

At a time when the entire world is under a cloud of uncertainty, we at Parker Satrom Law, P.A. want to provide you with an assurance that we will be here if you have a matter that requires legal assistance or representation.

Our community and our clients have dealt with many times of turmoil and uncertainty since Parker Satrom Law, P.A. was established seventy years ago.

We have always been a firm that has been dedicated to offer and deliver help for our clients …. whenever the need arose.

The crisis that is now with us is changing our normal way of life.  Although our office is still open for business, to ensure the safety of our clients and staff, our office door will be closed to the public and we will continue business by telephone and taking appointments on a case by case basis.

No one knows what the immediate future will bring.  During this crisis, how we do business may change.  We will conform to whatever best practices are dictated by the circumstances.

But a crisis does not mean people have no need for legal services.  In fact, during periods of stress and anxiety, the need for action may become even more apparent, appropriate and urgent.  In whatever fashion we can help, we will act. We will do so with the understanding that everyone’s health and safety is of highest priority.

Therefore, if a legal matter should arise, or if you have any questions, we continue to encourage you to call Parker Satrom Law P.A. at 763-689-3000 or contact us at  We will answer your questions and determine whether our services are appropriate and how your needs can be met.  We will do so while addressing and working through the impending issues that are facing us all.

If you have no current need to contact us, we hope you remain safe and healthy in all your endeavors. In the coming days, read a good book, listen to music, watch an enjoyable movie, reach out to friends over the phone, etc.  Try to smile, even during these difficult times! We will get through this!

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